Visually apparent and hard to conceal without professional technique, a scratch on a floor is to be a common problem, especially on dark floors. We provide an advanced solution, effective and very beneficial financially. Through a simple and effective method, we will make a correction to your floor making the scratch unnoticeable and free from dust.

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The natural wear and tear of a laminate floor inevitably leads to an apparent delamination. In addition to protection and beauty that it brings, it is very important to restore your floor by performing a rolling technique of high quality, giving it a new look. We offer a highly professional rolling service of superior quality.

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There’s nothing more frustrating that finding a chip on your floor that results from a impact of an heavy object on the floor. The normal reflex would be to think that the damaged is irreversibly and the whole floor should be replaced. Current technologies allow us to proceed with a complete restoration, which can be done easily, hiding the mark and saving the appearance your floors at a much lower cost.

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It is not necessary to replace an entire floor or if only a few plates must be changed. We carry on with a withdrawal of each board in a very professional and careful manner, protecting the rest of the floor and allowing a complete refurbishment for a minimal fee compared to what it would have cost for a complete replacement of the floor.

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